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Let s WAFL podcast - round four
Let's WAFL podcast - round four

It's hard-hitting, news breaking, a little bit irreverent and very entertaining - and it's back up and running the for the 2011 season.

Let's WAFL, the State league's leading podcast, has returned to talk about all the big news from the 126-year-old competition.

Each week Online Sports Editor Ross Lewis and senior WAFL writer John Townsend, who have more than 50 years combined experience covering the league, will pick the topics of interest around the league and dissect them like only they can.

This isn't the old-time radio chat whereby commentators ramble on about team placements or game-day tactics. Let's WAFL takes a more in-depth approach to the big issues that affect the competition.

It is part of the's comprehensive cover of the WAFL, so remember to stay with The West for all the latest news on the WAFL competition, including score updates and full match reports on gamedays.

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