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WAFL scores - round 16

Fixtures, scores for round 22 of the 2012 WAFL season.


South Fremantle v Swan Districts at Fremantle Oval


Perth v Claremont at Brownes Stadium

Subiaco v East Perth at Medibank Stadium


East Fremantle v West Perth


Peel Thunder


SOUTH FREMANTLE4.2 9.2 13.4 13.7 85
SWAN DISTRICTS 1.57.8 12.14 17.18120
GOALS – SWAN DISTRICTS:Geappen, Hansen 4; Garlett 3; Riggio 2; Hildebrandt, Lammie, Notte, Jukes.

SOUTH FREMANTLE: Sgherza 5; McCarrey 3; Miller, Mugambwa, Saunders, Martinez, Woods.
BEST – SWAN DISTRICTS: Geappen, Ames, Simpson, Lammie, Blight, Roach, Riggio, Garlett.
SOUTH FREMANTLE: Schloithe, Sgherza, Miller, Gulley, Guglielmana, Tighe.
UMPIRES: R McCaw, M Worobec, N Brown.
CROWD: 2500 at Fremantle Oval.


CLAREMONT9.3 17.723.10 29.13187
GOALS – CLAREMONT: Lee 6; Jones 5; Richardson, Foster 3; McGovern, Morton 2; Walton, Mitchell, Gilligan, Handley, Ruck, Crawford, Nisbett, Schammer.

PERTH: Bevan, Leeson, Davis, Moody, Tunbridge.
BEST – CLAREMONT: Mitchell, Lee, Foster, Swift, Silvagni, Ruck, Schammer.
PERTH: Lower, Young, Smith, Butler, Tedesco.
UMPIRES: P McCaw, T Norton, R Shelton.
CROWD: 1233 at Brownes Stadium.

SUBIACO5.1 6.47.811.975
EAST PERTH5.7 11.12 13.1915.25115
GOALS – SUBIACO: Kerr, Deluca, Broadhurst, Wade 2; Worthington, Hampson, Sinclair.

EAST PERTH: Seal, Kommer, Smith, Swan 3; Prior 2; Johnson.
BEST – SUBIACO: Parker, Hampson, Wheeler, Grover, Deluca.
EAST PERTH: Clarke, Johnson, Kommer, Clutterbuck, Moss, Prior, Seal.
INJURIES: SUBIACO: Bristow (back).
REPORTS: A Grover (S) for rough conduct in the first quarter.
UMPIRES: S Parry, D O’Neill, G Parker.
CROWD: 2100 (approx) at Medibank Stadium.


EAST FREMANTLE8.413.1017.1123.15153
GOALS – EAST FREMANTLE: Dick 6; B O’Brien 4; Weller 3; Kennedy, Henson 2; McGough, R O’Brien, Perham, Young, Menegola, Sutcliffe

WEST PERTH: Strijk, Guadagnin, Salecic, Tsalikis, Manning
BEST – EAST FREMANTLE: R O’Brien, B O’Brien, Schofield, Young, Menegola, Brown, Stephen
WEST PERTH: Guadagnin, Nelson, van Berlo, Browne, Strijk, Keunen
INJURIES: Not known
UMPIRES: J Orr, T Keating, S McPhee.
CROWD: About 2500 at East Fremantle Oval

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