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WAFL scores - round 15

Fixtures, scores for round 14 of the 2012 WAFL season.


South Fremantle v Peel Thunder at Fremantle Oval.


West Perth v East Fremantle at Arena Joondalup

Subiaco v Claremont at Medibank Stadium

Swan Districts v East Perth at Steel Blue Stadium

All matches start at 2.10pm.

Bye: Perth

Full reports and scoreboards on following all matches. And stay with The West for all your WAFL news during the week.


PEEL THUNDER 5.1 13.3 17.5 21.8 134
SOUTH FREMANTLE 3.3 6.5 9.9 15.15 105
GOALS – PEEL: Holmes, Hancock, 3; K Thornton, Battye, Mason, Herring, Dann 2; Gillam, Daniels, McFarlane, Orzel, Lleyendekkers. SOUTH FREMANTLE: Saunders 4; McCarrey 3; Mugambwa, Sgherza, Woods 2; Palumbo, Doughty.

BEST – PEEL: Jones, Herring, Travers, Morabito, Hancock, Sheridan, Faulks. SOUTH FREMANTLE: McGrath, Saunders, Tighe, Cook, Oliveri.
INJURIES – PEEL: Morabito (concussion).
UMPIRES: R McCaw, T Norton, J Dalgleish.
CROWD: 1800 (approx) at Fremantle Oval.

EAST FREMANTLE 4.1 13.5 16.7 19.12 126
WEST PERTH 2.34.4 6.11 10.14 74
GOALS – EAST FREMANTLE: Duffy 4; Waight 3; Hadley, B O’Brien, Symonds 2; R O’Brien, Perham, Boyle, Young, Tropiano, Henson. WEST PERTH: LeCras 5; Salecic, Rice, Crisp, Hutchings, Keunen.

BEST – EAST FREMANTLE: R O’Brien, McGough, Bayliss, Dodd, Duffy. B O’Brien, Hadley. WEST PERTH: Pettigrew, Salecic, LeCras, Guadagnin, Hutchings.
INJURIES – WEST PERTH: Kuenen (knee).
UMPIRES: D O’Neill, R Shelton, A Martin.
CROWD: 1143 at Kalannie Oval.

CLAREMONT 3.6 5.9 11.10 16.13 109
SUBIACO 2.110.1 15.4 15.6 96
GOALS – CLAREMONT: Richardson, Jones 4; Lee 3; McGovern, Mitchell, Handley, Neates, Fong. SUBIACO: Broadhurst 4; Forrest, Hampson 2; Anthony, Davey, Waters, Blechynden, Chambers, Davidson, Bloxsidge.

BEST – CLAREMONT: Richardson, Jones, Murphy, Thomson, McGovern, Mitchell, Lee. SUBIACO: Forrest, Parker, Hampson, Waters, Bristow, Broadhurst.
INJURIES – CLAREMONT: Murphy (concussion).
REPORTS: Bloxsidge (S) for misconduct in the first quarter.
UMPIRES: B Wardman, S Parry, G Statham.
CROWD: 1200 (approx) at Medibank Stadium.

SWAN DISTRICTS 7.211.11 15.14 16.18 114
EAST PERTH 0.2 3.3 8.7 13.9 85
GOALS – SWAN DISTRICTS: Hansen 6; Geappen, Newman 3; Walters 2; Hildebrandt, Boekhorst. EAST PERTH: Prior, Smith, Oakley-Nicholls 2; Stirling, Seal, Sweet, Moss, Martin, Macauley.

BEST – SWAN DISTRICTS: Hansen, Hildebrandt, Newman, Outridge, Lammie, Faulkner, Riggio. EAST PERTH: Macauley, Sweet, Clutterbuck, Swan.
UMPIRES: T Keating, J Orr, G Parker.
CROWD: 3000 (approx) at Steel Blue Oval.

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