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Gold at last as Mickle sets record
Kim Mickle celebrates her victory. Pictures: Ian Munro/The West Australian

With her first throw at Glasgow 2014, Kim Mickle put a spear near the heart of the women’s javelin field.

Her second delivered the knock-out blow.

The effervescent West Australian claimed her first major international gold medal with a one-two punch in the Commonwealth Games competition at Hampden Park.

Mickle won with a Games record 65.96 metre hurl that thrilled the capacity crowd but broke the spirit of her rivals.

Dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sunette Viljoen was her nearest threat, however, her sixth and final throw was only good enough for the silver (63.19m) this time. Another Australian, Kelsey-Lee Roberts, took bronze with 62.95m.

Mickle smashed Viljoen’s Games record (62.34m) with her initial attempt of 62.97m. It was her second that sealed the win, enabling her to go one better than the silver medal effort in the event at New Delhi 2010.

“It’s about bloody time,” said Mickle of her run of minor prizes at international level.

“I’ve visualised this moment for the past month. Every single night I’ve pictured myself on the dais. So I was just saying earlier that I hope I don’t wake up and go s…, that was another dream.

“It was the way I scripted it in my head and for it to happen the way I actually thought it should is pretty sweet.”

Mickle was limping after the event, confirming she had a toe injury that she exacerbated a few days before the Games event.

However, she said her focus on making a bright start to the competition meant she was able to block out the pain.

And she abandoned the “boom technique” in which she tosses away any pre-arranged plan to throw on sheer adrenalin, a policy that has served her well in the past, especially when set the new Australian record of 66.83 in March.

“The first throw was the ‘make sure you get one out nice and comfortable’ attempt. Once I knew that was out that was when I unleashed,” Mickle said.

“Then after I threw my second one I went all guns blazing. With javelin it is a perfection sport so if you go hard and you get something slightly wrong it is going to go nowhere and that is what happened with my last four throws.

“But I felt a bit comfortable with the distance I had with my second so I thought why not go for it. If you are going to have a go at something have a go at it now. And that’s what I did and unfortunately the throws didn’t go out as far as I wanted but they had so much on them.”

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