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Worsfold backs away from zones
John Worsfold in his coaching days at West Coast.

Premiership coach John Worsfold has backed away from his suggestion that the AFL might look at the radical idea of introducing zones in matches.

The former West Coast coach, who is now on the league's laws of the game committee, publicly floated the concept last month as a possible way to ease congestion around the ball.

The next day, Melbourne coach Paul Roos and Collingwood counterpart Nathan Buckley blasted the proposition.

“Whether it's ever going to be discussed again, who knows,“ Worsfold said on Sunday.

“But we can't say 'let's fix the mauls' by not changing anything or not (exploring) what other possibilities are out there.

“At the moment, we're keen to just see the game evolve itself - see what coaches do about it.”

Speaking on Channel Seven's Game Day, Worsfold added that the laws of the game committee and the AFL Commission are keen not to make too many more rule changes.

He said one of the keys to stop rolling mauls was for umpires to pay an obvious free kick, but not to go looking for them.

“If you see the first one and that's paid, everyone spreads straight away and you're out of the action,” Worsfold said.

The ex-Eagles coach also does not think rolling mauls around the ball are becoming more prevalent.

He said scoring so far this season had roughly stayed the same.

“We've given it a name, which means we now call it that during a game (and) it brings it to everyone's attention,” Worsfold said.

“We've still seen some good, fast footy.”


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