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G7 clubs accept revised deal
G7 clubs accept revised deal

The WAFL's self-titled G7 clubs will get access to an extra $120,000 a year as part of a fresh financial package related to the East Perth and Peel alignments with West Coast and Fremantle respectively from 2014.

And there will be a long-term push to "naturalise" the East Perth and Peel lists over time so that, other than AFL-listed players, they will eventually contain no out-of-zone players unless they become uncompetitive.

These were the key concessions won by the seven unaligned clubs over the past two weeks at a series of meetings.

Yesterday, after East Perth and Peel were briefed on the rule modifications in the morning, the seven unaligned clubs unanimously agreed to accept the revised conditions in the afternoon, removing the threat that clubs would boycott practice games against the Royals and Thunder.

The original financial package offered to the WAFL clubs as part of Peel's and East Perth's alignments allowed for an increase of $70,000 in the cash component of their annual management grant from the WAFC, with $20,000 to go on each club's balance sheet annually, $10,000 per club to go towards investigating cost savings and shared services and $50,000 per club to go into a competition development fund.

The revised financial package will still see clubs receive the equivalent of a $150,000 financial package but it will include an extra $120,000 cash in management grants to go with the other elements.

Peel and East Perth will be able to retain out-of-zone players on their lists as of June 30 this year, and will be able to follow through on recruiting players they have formally approached already provided transfers can be finalised through normal WAFL channels, enabling Peel to continue to pursue Cruize Garlett.

But they will not be able to approach any more out-of-zone players and the aim will be to eventually have teams which consist entirely of local and AFL-listed players.

If uncompetitive, they could apply to the WAFC's football affairs committee to recruit out-of-zone players at the end of a season.

WAFC chairman Frank Cooper and G7 spokesman Haydn Raitt hailed the agreement last night and called for everybody to get on with the business of playing and promoting the 2013 WAFL season.

"The players they (East Perth and Peel) have got now will play with them. There is no migration of those players at this stage," Raitt said.

"What we are concerned about is if that they do start off too strong and end up one and two in the first year, we will have members and sponsors thinking it is a contrived competition and not having a bar of it.

"We are happy and it is now important that we push forward and make sure that our sponsors get behind the WAFL now and our members join up."

Cooper labelled the outcome a "reasonable starting point" that would be under regular review.

"We are happy and it is now important that we push forward.""G7 spokesman *Haydn Raitt *

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