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No love for some AFL gloves
No love for some AFL gloves

Some AFL players will have to adjust their playing uniforms after the league decided to ban particular types of gloves for the 2013 season.

Following a report on the effectiveness of a variety of gloves, the AFL has moved to approve just four brands, ruling out gloves previously worn by some of the league's most important forwards.

Collingwood's Travis Cloke and former West Coast ace Quinton Lynch, now at the Magpies, will be affected.


According to Fairfax, a study by a Victorian university in conjunction with the AFL, deemed that some gloves provided wearers with an unfair advantage.

The banned gloves were discovered to have grater silicon on the palm.

Only the Franklin Football, Gilbert Pro Netball, Garys Skinfit Hockey and Rawlings Adult Dynamics Fit 355 Series would be endorsed by the AFL for the coming season.

"The AFL commissioned research in response to concerns about gloves providing wearers with an unfair advantage,'' AFL spokesman Patrick Keane told Fairfax.

"Some gloves have now been identified as falling into this category and under the AFL's discretionary powers will no longer be permitted to be worn."

Ten gloves were tested as part of the report.

Former Richmond forward Matthew Richardson criticised the report via social media.

"Why was study needed to tell @AFL that gloves provide more grip?" Richardson said on Twitter.

"Of course they do. Why wear them otherwise. Definitely help with marking."

Former Port Adelaide forward Warren Tredrea said the gloves weren't as advantageous as some believed.

"Banning certain gloves in afl is an overreaction - the stickier the glove the harder it is to kick. Useless in the wet. #Used4confidence," Tredrea tweeted.


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