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We ve got plans for Pav: Sanderson
Brenton Sanderson

Adelaide coach Brenton Sanderson is considering sending a posse of defenders after Fremantle captain Matthew Pavlich in the wake of the Docker star's six-goal effort against Geelong last week.

Sanderson, who lost one of his key defenders Daniel Talia to a broken arm in last week's qualifying final loss to Sydney, still has the option of playing the experienced Ben Rutten or 21-year-old third defender Sam Shaw on Fremantle's spearhead.

There is even speculation the Crows could pick agile big man Josh Jenkins, who played as a forward last time against Fremantle, to play in defence.

But Sanderson said it was likely he would take a team approach to defending the in-form Pavlich. Talia would have been his first choice, having held the Dockers champion to two goals the last time the two teams met.

"We bring in another key defender, simple as that," he said. "Sometimes you can't have it all your own way and we have been really fortunate this year with our injury management.

"The Talia one was just out of the blue. Another player will come in and get his opportunity and play well.

"We will look at not just one player playing on Pav. I know we say that every week but there will be different players playing on Pav at different times."

Sanderson said the Crows had to strike a balance between making sure Pavlich was guarded and not taking their eye off the other dangerous Fremantle attacking options.

'You always look at the different scenarios," he said. "We also rate Mayne, we rate Bradley, Sandilands goes forward, obviously Ballantyne, Walters. They have some weapons up there offensively.

"If we put all our attention into Pavlich someone else will hurt us. Someone just has to do the role on Pav."

He has promised "two or three changes" to the Crows team that lost to Sydney. But under-performing tall forward Kurt Tippett wasn't one of the players whose spot was in jeopardy, he said.

"The only obvious injury is Talia from last week but otherwise we are fit and ready to go," he said.

"We have to discuss what worked structurally but also who is in form. We look at what works well against Fremantle but also what works well for us."

Nick Suban and Matthew Pavlich in the surf at Adelaide's Henley Beach today.
Paul Duffield and Matthew Pavlich job along Henley Beach in Adelaide today. Pictures: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian
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