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2013 WAFL season.

Fixtures, scores for round 24 of the 2012 WAFL season.


East Fremantle v Peel at East Fremantle Oval

East Perth v West Perth at Medibank Stadium

Claremont v Subiaco at Claremont Oval

Perth v Swan Districts at Brownes Stadium

All games begin at 2:10pm.


South Fremantle


EAST FREMANTLE 4.5 9.7 12.8 18.15 123
PEEL0.02.4 8.8 10.969
GOALS – EAST FREMANTLE: Teakle 4; Dick 3; Perham, B O’Brien, Dalziell 2; R O’Brien, Yeo, Young, Menegola, Waight. PEEL: Holmes 3; K Thornton, Daniels 2; Travers, Lycett, Westwood.

BEST – EAST FRMANTLE: Dalziell, Gabriel, Teakle, R O’Brien, Hadley, Sutcliffe, McGough. PEEL: Jones, Daniels, Holmes, Dann, Herring, Lycett.
INJURIES – EAST FREMANTLE: McGough (hamstring). PEEL:''' Luff (hand), Field (hamstring).
REPORTS: Wythes (PT) for rough conduct; Stephen (EF) for rough conduct.
UMPIRES: J Orr, S McPhee, T Keating.
CROWD: 2200 (approx) at Bendigo Bank Stadium.

WEST PERTH5.48.7 13.9 14.14 98
EAST PERTH 3.1 4.5 6.10 12.12 84
GOALS – WEST PERTH: Salecic, Hutchings, Lynch, Guadagnin 2; Crisp, Guadagnin, van Berlo, LeCras, Bartholomew, Manning, Rhode.

EAST PERTH: Moss 5; Pitt 2; Seal, Brookes, Clutterbuck, Sweet, Prior.
BEST – WEST PERTH: Hutchings, Morrow, Black, Manning, Crisp, Nelson, Keunen.
EAST PERTH: Clutterbuck, Moss, Sweet, Chartres, Payne, Seal.
UMPIRES: G Parker (replaced by M Adams), S Parry, B Wardman.
CROWD: 2500 (approx) at Medibank Stadium.

CLAREMONT 9.2 11.7 20.9 23.13 151
SUBIACO3.43.5 6.7 7.8 50
GOALS – CLAREMONT: Richardson 5; Lee 4; Mitchell, Walton 3; Handley, Jones, Nisbett 2; Medhurst, Crawford. SUBIACO: Chambers 3; Sheed 2, Kerr, Bloxsidge.

BEST – CLAREMONT: Mitchell, Richardson, Murphy, Lee, Andrews, Thomson, Blackwell. SUBIACO: Sheed, Mahoney, Chambers, Daye, Davey.
INJURIES – CLAREMONT: Swift (broken nose), Andrew Foster (pinched nerve, arm). SUBIACO: nil.
UMPIRES: P McCaw, T Norton, R McCaw.
CROWD: 1752 at Claremont Oval.

SWAN DISTRICTS4.47.10 12.11 14.16 100
PERTH 5.2 7.3 11.7 12.9 81
GOALS – SWAN DISTRICTS: Newman 3; Notte, McKinlay, Motlop, Daniels 2; Blight, Neale, Lammie. PERTH: Lower, Edwards, McInnes, Tunbridge 2; Smith, Jacobs, Richardson, Donovan.

BEST – SWAN DISTRICTS: Hildebrant, Notte, Twomey, Ames, Roach, Geappen. PERTH: Lower, Smith, O’Sullivan, Moody, Jacobs.
REPORTS: Brad Fry (P) for striking Murray Newman (SD).
UMPIRES: R Shelton, D O’Neill, M Worobec.
CROWD: 2117 at Brownes Stadium.

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