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Whistleblower - Juddy s date with fate
Whistleblower - Juddy's date with fate

With finals closing in, players were on their best behaviour throughout the weekend and there were hardly any significant incidents.

Two interesting Geelong clashes will be looked at though and they're certain to provide talking points if the Match Review Panel lays a report.


Joel Selwood (Geelong) for making unnecessary contact with an injured player – Adam Selwood (West Coast)
Selwood’s record: Four matches suspended in the last three years increasing his penalty by 40 per cent.

Adam Selwood laid a strong bump on his brother as Joel kicked the ball down field. Both men were hurt but Joel got to his feet first. A West Coast trainer ran in to help Adam, but Joel shoved Adam with two hands as he lay on his knees. The impact saw Adam roll on to his back and he left the field in the hands of trainers. The brotherly rivalry attracted enormous interest, but if it that had happened with another set of players, the reaction may have been more intense. Leigh Montagna got suspended for one match for bumping injured Carlton onballer Ed Curnow last year. If the MRP reports Joel Selwood, it will be for intentional conduct, body contact and low impact. That would see him offered a one match suspension.

Steve Johnson (Geelong) for making forceful front on contact to Adam Selwood (West Coast)
Johnson’s record: 78 points left on his record. Three matches suspended in the last three years, increasing his penalty by 30 per cent

Johnson just missed Selwood’s head as he laid a bump after the Eagle had attempted to pick up the ball. It was similar to the incident which saw Fremantle’s Luke McPharlin suspended last week. Selwood wasn’t as hunched over as Darling at the point of impact and no free kick was paid. But the rule is clear about players’ duty of care. It says: “A player can bump an opponent’s body from side-on but any contact forward of side-on will be deemed to be front-on. A player with his head down in anticipation of winning possession of the ball or after contesting the ball will be deemed to have his head down over the ball for the purposes of this law.” If the MRP felt Johnson breached the rule, they would offer him a one week ban.

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