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VIDEO: US basketballer suffers horror leg break
Kevin Ware screams in agony as teammate Luke Hancock looks to console him. Pic:

Millions of TV viewers watched in horror after a US college basketball player suffered a horrific leg break which left the bone sticking out.

University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware broke his lower right leg in two places during the 85-63 Midwest regional championship victory over Duke, leaving his coach Rick Pitino and teammates in tears.


“I went over and I was going to help him up and all of a sudden I saw what it was and literally almost threw up,” Pitino said.

“I don't think we could have gathered ourselves if Kevin didn't keep saying over and over again, 'Just win the game'. It was a gruesome sight."

Teammate Russ Smith was left in tears and said he knew straight away the injury was serious.

“When he landed, I heard it and then I saw what happened,” Smith said.

“I immediately just fell. It was really hard for me to pull myself together because I didn’t ever think in a million years I’d see something like that. I was completely devastated.”

Russ Smith, Gorgui Dieng, Chane Behanan and assitant coach Kevin Keatts react after the injury to teammate Kevin Ware. Pic: Getty Images

The image of Ware brought back painful memories for former top NFL quarterback Joe Theismann, who similarly broke his leg in an incident in 1985 that ended his illustrious career (see below).

Former Washington Redskins star Theismann watched the Ware accident and said it sent shivers down his spine.

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