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Whistleblower - Juddy s date with fate
Whistleblower - Juddy's date with fate


Luke McPharlin (Fremantle) for engaging in rough conduct on Jack Darling (West Coast)
McPharlin’s record: 12.73 points left on his record. One match suspended in the last three years increasing any penalty by 10 per cent.

McPharlin is lucky that he avoided contact with Darling’s head of he could have been facing an extended stint on the sidelines. But contact to the top of the shoulder is still considered illegal and will be classed as high contact under the tribunal rules. The Docker made no attempt to pick up the ball and that’s likely to see the report classified as reckless. Darling wasn’t hurt and took his free kick so the impact is clearly low. That would result in McPharlin being offered a one match suspension.

Matt de Boer (Fremantle) for tripping Daniel Kerr (West Coast)
De Boer’s record: Nil

Kerr wrong footed de Boer in the back pocket and looked set to run past the Docker until he threw his left leg out. De Boer actually made contact with Kerr’s thigh. It’s likely the incident will be called intentional, with body contact and low impact because Kerr wasn’t hurt. The good news for de Boer is that he would only be offered a reprimand.


Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) for striking Mitch Brown (West Coast)
Pavlich’s record: Nil

Pavlich and Brown were running towards a contest when the Fremantle captain swung his arm and collected the defender in the head. It appeared to be a glancing blow but Brown stayed on the ground for a long time while the ball was close to Fremantle’s goal. They weren’t contesting the ball so Pavlich didn’t need to swing his arm. It was a reckless act and is likely to cost him. It’s clearly high contact and most likely low impact. Matthew Scarlett and Simon Black have been charged with those classifications for similar incidents this season. Pavlich could plead guilty and accept a reprimand, but it would make him ineligible for the Brownlow Medal.

Liam Shiels (Hawthorn) for striking Allen Christensen (Geelong)
Shiels’ record: Two games suspended in the last three years, increasing his penalty by 20 per cent.

This incident was remarkably similar to Pavlich’s. Shaun Burgoyne had the ball in the back pocket and Shiels was providing an option near the boundary line at half-back. He threw his left arm back and collected Christensen in the head with his elbow. The Cat was stunned and attended to by trainers. He should receive the same classification as Pavlich, but Shiels has a record. By increasing the 125 points by 20 per cent, the Hawk would be suspended for one match.

Brent Guerra (Hawthorn) for engaging in rough conduct towards Paul Chapman (Geelong)
Guerra’s record: No demerit points. Three games suspended in the last three years, increasing his penalty by 30 per cent.

Guerra and Chapman were converging on a ball which bounced in front of the Cat and then went back over his head towards Guerra. Chapman propped and was a sitting duck as Guerra came through trying to win possession. While gathering the ball, Guerra’s arm collected Chapman in the head. There’s no doubt he was trying to win possession, and had his hands on the ball for split second. But because he slightly left the ground and made high contact, the MRP has a decision to make. While it’s likely he won’t be reported, he could be charged for being negligent and making high contact with low impact. That would normally attract a reprimand but Guerra’s poor record would increase the penalty to a one week ban.

Tom Simpkin (St Kilda) for engaging in rough conduct towards Sharrod Wellingham (Collingwood)
Simpkin’s record: Nil

Just one week after Neville Jetta got suspended for this exact scenario, Simpkin has to be in trouble. Wellingham attacked a ground ball, got down low and had one hand on the footy. Simpkin didn’t get low enough, missed the ball and bumped the Magpie to the side of the head. The Saint collected Wellingham harder than Jetta got Lindsay Thomas so the charge will attract a bigger penalty. It was reckless, with high contact and most likely medium impact. That would see Simpkin offered a two match suspension.

Stephen Milne (St Kilda) for using abusive, insulting, threatening, obscene language towards Harry O’Brien (Collingwood)
Milne’s record: Not Applicable.

What did Stephen Milne say to Harry O’Brien during the third term? Channel 7 temporarily cut the sound on field umpire Dean Margetts’ microphone as Milne began swearing at his opponent.O’Brien reacted after hearing the comments and complained to Margetts. The microphone was back on as Margetts penalised Milne 50m for what he said. Margetts’ comments posed more questions than they answered. It started with “enough of that language” and progressed to “that language is unacceptable” when the 50m penalty was paid. O’Brien was clearly angry about the incident. As they ran down the field, Milne questioned Margetts about what he’d done wrong. Mindful he had a microphone on, Margetts replied “you know. That’s not on, that language”. Then as O’Brien again confronted Milne, Margetts said “Harry, we’ll deal with it.” The question is what exactly is “it”? The charge attracts a $1950 fine with a guilty plea, but it could also be sent to the tribunal if deemed serious enough. The MRP could also decide Milne has done nothing wrong. A lot of things get said on the field. Few get taken further. But can you recall a 50m penalty getting paid because of a sledge?

Stephen Milne (St Kilda) for engaging in rough conduct towards Darren Jolly (Collingwood)
Milne’s record: 70.31 demerit points left on his record.

Jolly was bent down over the ball when Milne threw his leg forward, collected Jolly on the knee and then the Saints’ leg hit him in the stomach. Jolly received a free kick but the MRP must decide whether it was dangerous enough to be reportable. If Milne is reported, it would be for being reckless, making body contact with low impact. That is a reprimandable offence, but the demerit points left over from last year would see the incident upgraded to a one week ban.

Justin Koschitzke (St Kilda) for engaging in rough conduct towards Ben Reid (Collingwood)
Koschitzke’s record: 80.47 points and more than five weeks suspended in the last five years increasing his penalty by 50 per cent.

Reid ran back with the flight of the ball as Koschitzke led up. Reid was hunched forward and got bumped in the head by the Saint. There’s no doubt the contact was high. The impact is most likely medium because Reid returned to the field. It could be considered high. But it’s hard to argue that contact was avoidable. Koschitzke had every right to contest the ball and took only one step before the impact. He didn’t jump and he target Reid. It was accidental and he shouldn’t be reported. It certainly doesn’t warrant three weeks which, because of his record, is what the points would add up if classified as negligent and with medium impact.

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