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Students in tall ship challenge
Students in tall ship challenge

Pemberton District High School students recently completed a stint on the training ship Leeuwin as part of the school’s Leeuwin Youth Leadership voyage.

Nick Evans, Lucy Grey, Jeremy Martyn and Jonte Ryan, along with deputy principal Emma Cooke, departed from Fremantle for the seven-day trip.

Miss Cooke said the trainees learnt quickly about how each of the sails worked to drive the ship.

"The trip is a platinum opportunity for students in our school. I am looking forward to continuing to be part of this initiative in the future and seeing more young people in our community benefit from the confidence and leadership skills promoted and developed by the experience," she said.

"Unfortunately seasickness became very real for many of our students. We had been guaranteed that seasickness is part of the package but also that everyone recovers from it and this was the case for each and every one of us."

Miss Cooke said the ship was handed over to the trainees for a day and they had a successful outcome for the navigation challenge.

"Congratulations must go to the leadership team which included two PDHS students, Jeremy as ship’s engineer and Lucy as Red Watch leader for managing the ship for the entire day," Miss Cooke said.

Miss Cooke thanked the generosity of sponsors who supported the voyage and the crew and volunteers from the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation.

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