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Dark twist to old tale
Snow White and the Huntsman


Snow White and the Huntsman

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer: Narelle Butcher

Generating international hype from scandalous, behind-the-scene affairs, Snow White and the Huntsman’s precision in cinematography, script and editing has been largely overlooked by film critics.

Little has been written crediting the film, without linking it to tabloid drama.

Based on the popular fairytale, the dark film focuses on Snow White and her relationship with the Huntsman (desirable Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth) who was ordered by evil queen Ravenna to take the young princess’ life.

Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen.

Unable to tolerate the insult to her vanity, Ravenna – aptly named for her ravenous ways – decides Snow White must die.

The Huntsman is talent scouted for the job, one he promises to fulfil in hope of being able to be reunited with his late wife, thanks to Ravenna’s magical abilities.

But when The Huntsman (desirable Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth) finds himself unable to murder the innocent woman, he turns his attention to training Snow White to become a warrior capable of dethroning the queen.

It’s certainly not a film for children or even young teens, with dark magic and violence shaping the haunting version.

Director Rupert Sanders must be praised for the imagery he has created in the fantasy land – it’s both futuristic and magical with an eerie feeling.

Kristen Stewart, as Snow White, was an odd casting for me, but she seemed to fulfil most of the role well – despite some annoying glances.

The standout was Charlize Theron who demonstrated she could play evil as elegantly as her softer roles.

She brought glamour, power and energy to the film.

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