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Bunbury each erosion is ‘a joke’: councillor
These stairs at Back Beach have been closed off to the public due to the dramatic erosion of sand. Bunbury city councillor Ross Slater says the stairs are a joke.

Sand washed from Back Beach in recent wild weather has left a drop the height of a person at the bottom of the Hungry Hollow stairs.

Significant erosion at the beach in the past week has forced the Bunbury City Council to block off the concrete stairs to the public.

The closure hasn’t stopped locals, who constantly jump the barrier and climb down the stairs and adjoining rock wall to access the popular beach.

Bunbury city councillor Ross Slater has hit out at the stairs as a “joke’’ and said $250,000 should be spent to fix the beach access.

“It will cost a lot of money to fix this, but as it is it’s not functional and it’s dangerous,” he said.

City of Bunbury director of works and services Phil Harris said marine engineers were due to work with the council to review erosion in the Hungry Hollow area, inclusive of Five Mile Brook.

“The work will also include problematic areas on Koombana Beach in conjunction with the Port Authority,” he said.

City of Bunbury chief executive Andrew Brien said natural erosion was something which could not be predicted and was responded to on an “as needed basis”.

Bunbury Mayor David Smith said solving the beach’s erosion issues should be a priority.

“The recent weather has led to significant erosion at The Cut and at Koombana Beach near Cable Sands,” he said.

“The council is doing its best to get some action in those areas.”

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