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New laws help police control wild parties
New laws help police control wild parties

Police regard new powers to deal with out-of-control parties as a “timely” decision.

Parliament passed the new legislation last week to deal out heavy penalties to irresponsible party hosts and give police the power to immediately break up a rowdy party.

Australind Sgt Brett Cassidy said the passing of the legislation was perfect timing in the lead up to Christmas.

“The legislation is probably overdue but it’s good to have,” he said.

“It provides greater penalties for those who organise parties.”

The penalties include a maximum of 12 months in jail and a fine of $12,000.

“With this new legislation, you can be held accountable for a party that gets out of control,” Sgt Cassidy said.

Party hosts do have the opportunity to use evidence to prove they tried to hold a responsible party.

Hosts can let the police know about the party in the days leading up to it.

“If you give us one or two weeks notice, I can put it in the system and coordinate that into our patrols for the night,” Sgt Cassidy said.

Hosts can also call police if the party gets out of control and make the gathering an invite-only affair.

“Stay away from social media, if you invite a friend through Facebook, they have the ability to invite people from their friends’ list,” Sgt Cassidy said.

Hosts are also encouraged to provide food and water at their parties and not to give alcohol to minors.

After Australind police had to call for back up when breaking up a party involving juveniles, Sgt Cassidy said there would be no tolerance of under-aged party goers.

“If a child is caught outside between 10pm-2am, they will be considered youth-at-risk,” he said.

“We’ll take them off the street, call the parents and make sure they get home safely.”

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