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Looking at the Big Picture in Manjimup
Manjimup Senior High School Year 11 students Mara Williams and Holly Webster

Manjimup students will have increased access to alternative education opportunities next year.

Manjimup Senior High School and Big Picture Learning will increase education opportunities by focusing more on students’ individual interests in the New Year.

Manjimup Senior High School vice principal Steve Miolin said the updated program would better cater for students who struggled to learn in a classroom environment.

“The program puts students in touch with their industries and provides an environment where they can learn to be independent and set realistic goals by trying various approaches,” he said.

“Next year we would like to adjust the program in Manjimup so it was more in line with the national Big Picture curriculum.

“Putting them in touch with people in the field is far more real world learning.”

Mr Miolin said the program allowed students to pursue a passion while also completing schoolwork.

Manjimup Big Picture Training Centre teacher coordinator Linda Maher said once students had completed their training, which could take up to two years, they had the opportunity to continue their studies at TAFE or university.

“Accountability is one of the biggest factors worked into the teaching model,” she said.

“Students are required to set their goals, work towards them and present an exhibition of their work at the end of their term.”

Manjimup Senior High School Year 11 student Mara Williams, who will attend BPL next year, said she occasionally struggled to concentrate in a classroom.

“I became distracted from learning by other students,” she said.

“If I’m focusing more on my art, I would enjoy learning more and it would be easier for me to do subjects like maths and science.”

Fellow student Holly Webster experienced similar struggles and wanted to study biology and viticulture at BPL next year.

She said she wanted to study there so she could pass the University Preparation Course run by the centre and Manjimup SHS.

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