Students help out their peers
Comet Bay College student Rebekah Becsi, 15, helps Singleton Primary School’s Christopher Collier, 12, work out an equation on the whiteboard in a student-teach-student program.

Comet Bay College Year 10 students put on their teaching caps on Wednesday to introduce algebra to their Year 6 and 7 peers at Singleton Primary School.

The Year 10 students were part of a two-hour teaching session to help the younger students gain an understanding of basic algebra equations.

Singleton Primary School numeracy specialist Sheila Griffin said the idea for students to teach students was raised during network meetings with Comet Bay.

‘‘We have had network meetings for three years now and one of the areas identified by the group was that within the Australian curriculum there is a lot more algebra,’’ she said.

‘‘So we discussed how the high school could support the students in algebra and also in their transition into their feeder high school.’’

Mrs Griffin said Year 10 students taught the first half of each lesson.

‘‘They taught the students the vocabulary and terminology to do with algebra and how to solve equations while the class teacher supported them,’’ she said.

‘‘The second part of the lesson is role reversal, the teacher teaches a class and the Year 10 students will support the lesson.’’

‘‘I think the students have really listened this morning, they have paid attention and I think they have enjoyed it.’’

Mrs Griffin said the school hoped to incorporate more similar sessions next year.

The Year 10 students also taught at Secret Harbour Primary and Comet Bay Primary earlier in the week.

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