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City sheds light on pole position
City sheds light on pole position

A light pole at Ron Mort Park in central Bunbury has raised some eyebrows for its strange position in the middle of a path.

City of Bunbury director of works and services said the pole was placed in the path intentionally to ensure there was sufficient clearance from a nearby tree.

“The path was laid after the light was installed and the direction of the path was determined to maximise use of the park,” Mr Harris said.

“The light and the tree now form an entry to the small pocket park.”

Mr Harris said the council did not consider the pole to be a hazard and it had attracted some positive feedback from the community.

“There is sufficient space either side of the pole to pass a pram, trolley or bike,” he said.

“Also, it is not a shared path or linked with any other path at this stage.”

Mr Harris said the council did not intend to move or remove the pole because the light had to be located above the access way.

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