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An Education Department investigation into staff misconduct at a South West school has led to a disciplinary finding against its principal.

Director-general Sharyn O'Neill said Northcliffe District High School principal Kathleen Granger, who was stood down in August because she failed to notify the department a teacher had been convicted of a drugs charge, would keep her job after acknowledging her actions were wrong.

But physical education teacher Adrian Granger, who is married to Ms Granger, would be transferred to another school.

Mr Granger received a spent conviction on August 2 when charged with possession of a smoking utensil.

Ms O'Neill said the department had worked with Northcliffe for more than a year to address community concerns about staff behaviour, so it was "extremely disappointing" to then discover it had failed to notify the department of the drug-related conviction of a staff member.

In a letter to parents yesterday, Ms O'Neill said students' learning had been affected.

"The public gossip, rumours and innuendo along with the criminal conviction have brought the school into disrepute," the letter said.

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