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Bone of contention in Macca s burger
Ethan Martin-Welsh claims he nearly choked on a bone in his fast food meal last Friday.

A Rockingham man claims he nearly choked on his McDonald’s lunch last week after discovering there was a bone in his chicken burger.

Ethan Martin-Welsh visited the Read Street store on Friday with his girlfriend, Analyce Julian, and says he got more than he bargained for with his fast-food meal.

‘‘I went to McDonald’s Rockingham and got a Grand Chicken combo and just started

eating it and got it stuck in my throat,’’ he said.

‘‘I spat it out and there was a chicken bone in it.

‘‘I didn’t know what it was to start with. There shouldn’t be anything hard in my burger.’’

The 21-year-old said when he rang the company to complain they offered him another burger.

‘ ‘ I didn’t want another burger after that,’’ he said.

‘‘You shouldn’t have chicken bone in your chicken burger.’’

Ms Julian said the incident had put her off eating her lunch and the couple said they were hesitant about returning to the fast-food store.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said the company had received a complaint about the incident.

‘‘We take any complaint very seriously and are currently investigating,’’ she said.

The incident comes after the Sound Telegraph revealed last month the Rockingham restaurant was fined $180,000 for failing to maintain a good standard of cleanliness and failing to prevent food contamination.

It was also fined $17,500 in January after it breached the Food Act last year.

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