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Unzipped supporters claim gig s top spot
Unzipped supporters claim gig's top spot

If Wailing H Monks, live in concert is anything like Wailing H. Monks’ interview mode, then Bunbury audiences are in for one heck of a show on Thursday night.

During a 20 minute interview the musician is, in a word – unzipped. Trying to pin him down on any topic is a chore and you find yourself beginning to believe the hype that surrounds the unpredictability of a Gay Paris gig.

The four-piece from Sydney call themselves a dirty rock band, who play the blues heavy – and this description alone alludes to a good time.

Monks promises salvation in rock ‘n’ roll, an experience.

“Sydney doesn’t get it, Brisbane gets it,’’ he said.

“I really hope Bunbury gets it.”

The gravelly-voiced front man explained that the band’s original vision had changed over time.

“When we started we were going to be a classy blues band,” he said.

“Clearly, that didn’t happen.”

Monks, who tends to lose his clothes during a show, says he does most of the band’s promotional biz because he loves talking about himself.

“I seem to have become the mouth piece for the band,” he said.

“Only Slim and I do media, because we’re good-time people. The other two aren’t allowed.”

“Blacktooth is pretty opinionated, but not sleazy enough. If we left it up to him, we’d sound like Queens of the Stone Age.”

In the short time that he has been a rock ‘n’ roll star, Monks says he has absorbed “most of” the front-man power in the universe and channels it during shows.

“Out of the rest of the band, Blacktooth is almost as good looking as me,’’ he said.

“Slim will be upset I didn’t say him.”

Gay Paris hit the Prince of Wales Hotel on Thursday, supporting The Snowdroppers and The Beards, in what promises to be a big night at the Bunbury pub.

As to the line up, Monks is nonplussed, believing first is the best spot.

“That way we get to have a few drinks with the crowd after our show,” Monks said.

“You should picture the line up like an inverted triangle.

“We’re at the top.” Gay Paris play the Prince on Thursday.

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