This wine is really doing my head in. Why?

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Wine review: a battle with the bottle
Wine review: a battle with the bottle

Wine Review

Fermoy Estate's cabernet sauvignon 2010

This wine is really doing my head in. Why?

Because it’s in the wrong bottle.

Of course that’s not strictly true. Technically there isn’t a right or wrong bottle for wine. It’s just that there is a certain unwritten tradition on bottling certain styles of wine in certain shaped bottles.

For instance, cabernet and it’s blends go in the taller, slimmer Bordeaux bottles and pinots and alike go in the shorter, round shouldered Burgundy bottles.

In Australia, shiraz swings both ways and looks comfortable in either.

But cabernet sauvignon in a Burgundy bottle? It may sound weird but this is really challenging me and even affecting the way the wine tastes.

I keep looking at the bottle that a pinot noir (or chardonnay) should be coming from, but tasting something else.

The feeling is like what I would imagine being freaked out by one of Heston Blumenthal’s wacky dinners would be like. It looks like one thing but slaps you in the face with another flavour all together.

I’m surprised how ingrained this is in me.

Finally in order to taste the wine objectively, I have to take the bottle out of sight.

That done, what does this 2010 cabernet sauvignon look like?

Not too shabby is the call here.

Aroma-wise it’s on the leafy end of the cabernet spectrum with herbs and bay leaf over some cassis and desiccated nuts in the background.

The palate is medium weight with a rhubarb tang, the same cassis flavour and a wood spice over some herbal bitters on the finish.

There’s a tight edge to this wine that, given it’s more medium weight, would absolutely benefit from matching with some food.

I’m still getting over the old bottle switcheroo, but that’s more of a comment about me and not the wine.

So in my opinion, grab some good barbecue stuff, decant the wine into something, and I’m sure the maximum enjoyment will be there for all.

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