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Survival after stabbing impossible
Trent Panizza.

Australind man Trent Panizza could not have survived his injuries, even with immediate medical attention, a forensic pathologist told the Supreme Court this morning.

Rachael Elizabeth Boyd, 29, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Panizza, 29, her partner, on January 28.

The murder trial this week has been told Mr Panizza was killed after a heated argument at the couple’s Leschenault Parade home about 6pm.

Ms Boyd told detectives she had only held up a 15cm butcher’s knife in a bid to get Mr Panizza to leave her alone, and her on-off partner ‘stepped into it.’

Chief forensic pathologist Clive Cooke gave evidence today that the knife wound to Mr Panizza’s heart was consistent with only mild force, as the knife had not penetrated bone or cartilage.

Mr Panizza’s parents left the court room as photograph’s of their son’s chest, and a 5.5cm curved wound, was shown to the court.

Dr Cooke said the knife had passed between the third and fourth rib, and passed through muscle, about 11cm into the chest and heart.

“It would not require a lot of force,” he said, noting Mr Panizza was wearing only a thin T-shirt.

But the position of the stab wound was so critical that it was near impossible for Mr Panizza to survive.

“The cause of death was a penetrating injury to the heart,” he said.

“It would have been impossible (to survive), the wound was inaccessible, there would have been too many injuries to save him.”

Dr Cooke said any penetration of the chest was potentially fatal.

The court was told while Mr Panizza had blood alcohol reading of 0.134, there were not traces of illicit drugs in his system.

There were a number of minor bruises and abrasions on his body.

The court was told that Ms Boyd – who has claimed there were a number of instances of violence in their relationship - had a number of minor bruises on her body when arrested, including on her left forearm, neck, left upper arm and a 9cm bruise on her left wrist.

Ms Boyd elected not to take the stand at the trial this afternoon

Closing addresses were delivered this afternoon and a verdict could be delivered tomorrow.

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