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Second escapee Devil found at Yunderup
Itchy back home. Picture: Peel Zoo

The second of three runaway Tasmanian devils was caught and returned to Peel Zoo this morning.

A Yunderup resident found Itchy on her property, about 5km from the zoo, just after midnight.

The woman found the four-month-old male devil in her backyard after her dogs began barking loudly.

She put it in the dog cage and called the zoo.

The third devil, Genghis, is still on the loose.

The three devils made a break for freedom last week after a falling tree knocked down the wall of their enclosure. Scratchy was captured last week in bush north of Pinjarra.

Peel Zoo owner David Cobbold said Itchy would be examined this morning, then reunited with his brother Scratchy.

In a statement this morning, Mr Cobbold thanked the public for their help in capturing the animals, but warned about the danger of being bitten by Tasmanian Devils.

"All I do is answer the phone and provide a taxi service," he said."The public are doing my job for me." Anyone who sees the devil is asked to call Mr Cobbold on 9531 4322 or 0400 788 289.

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