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RDA centre honours anonymous supporter
RDA centre honours 'anonymous' supporter

A long-time anonymous donor to the South West Centre for Riding for the Disabled has had the stalls she funded named in her honour.

Over more than 15 years of involvement, Barbara Edwards has bought the centre a stock horse named Peter Pan, funded a purpose-built saddle to accommodate bigger riders and protect horses’ backs as well as donating the funds to build the undercover stalls at the indoor arena.

Mrs Edwards said she remained anonymous because she didn’t feel she needed praise for her donations, but seeing her donations in operation meant a lot.

‘‘It’s great to be able to help others less fortunate than myself,’’ she said.

‘‘You see these children come and some look so dejected, but with the motion of the horse they start to lift their heads and their eyes open and it’s so wonderful.’’

South West Centre president Maud Stanley said donors allowed the centre to continue operating and she liked to have them visit to honour their generosity.

‘‘We appreciate our sponsors immensely — it’s really the only way we can keep on going,’’ she said.

‘‘I didn’t find out Barbara had donated the stalls for years because I wasn’t president then, but as time went by it slipped out.

‘‘This was something I wanted to do for Barbara so I didn’t tell her I was doing it.’’

The centre has also had its indoor arena donated by Olga Green and her family, and received funds from Lotterywest and assistance from the Lions Club to build a big ramp.