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Have hot new bass guitarist, will travel
Have hot new bass guitarist, will travel

Michael Bokobli is hard at it.

Things are picking up, both at work and with his band, Perth-based act Opia— and he couldn’t be happier.

‘‘I’m trying to get motivated to do some work after this interview,’’ he said.

‘‘I work for myself and in between that and the band, things are getting busy.

‘‘Things are coming along with the band and for the first time in six years, it feels right.

‘‘Things are as they should be.’’

Bokobli puts this new attitude down to the band’s new bassist, Dan Zarb, whom he says he and fellow bandmate, Ryan Monger searched high and low to find.

‘‘The thing about Perth is, it can be hard to find dedicated, talented musicians,’’Bokobli said.

‘‘I mean, you get heaps of responses— but it’s hard to find that one person.

‘‘Because, even though there’s a great live scene, it works against you, in that when you find yourself looking for a new band-mate, just about everyone is in two or three other bands, which means their commitment is shared around.’’

Bokobli estimates the search for Zarb took around eight months, which is a long time to put your band on hold.

‘‘We released an EP in 2010 and had plans for an east coast tour — it was all happening,’’ he said.

‘‘But then we lost our bassist and everything stopped.’’

The Opia frontman says he and Monger, the remaining two members of the band refused to quit, keeping up with rehearsals, writing music and interviewing new, possible members.

‘‘We didn’t give up, even though it got pretty disheartening after a while,’’Bokobli said.

‘‘Finally we found Dan and he’s great.

‘‘The band is really coming together, we’re in a great place, musically speaking.

‘‘We’re back, stronger than ever.’’

In celebration of that fact, Opia is going on tour, to release Undone, the first song off their forthcoming album, scheduled for release in 2013.

‘‘We’re busy writing songs and preparing to record the band’s first full-length release— which is really exciting,’’Bokobli said.

‘‘After all the hard times, it feels great.


Opia play the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury on October 13, supported by fellow Perthies, Brutus and Hyte.

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