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Students embrace science
Year 1 students Ethan Loia, 6, Bailey Johnston, 6, Allie Hall, 6, and Lily Bass-Viser, 7, experiment with the water power machine.

Port Kennedy Primary School students had fun experimenting with a special display of Scitech equipment as part of Science Week.

Students formed groups and investigated a range of displays which taught them about tornado systems, water pressure, magnets, wind, fingerprints and reflections.

Science teacher Gary Mcrae said students enjoyed figuring out how the displays worked.

‘‘Classes come in and have a look at the displays and then learn about why what is happening happens,’’ he said.

‘‘It sparks their interest in a range of different things and makes science more hands on.

‘‘Students in the upper grades have also come in and helped the younger students understand the displays better.’’

Mr Mcrae said the display complimented the school curriculum.

‘‘The tornado display works in well with units we have covered on weather in class and Years 4 and 5 have learnt about the way machines operate,’’ he said.

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