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C mon in and join the Revolution
C'mon in and join the Revolution

A common misconception is there’s nothing for young people to do in Manjimup.

Well, there is, and it’s happening at the Warren Community Church every Friday night.

Revolution Youth Club runs a weekly program of fun activities for children in Years 7-12— and it only costs $3.

To answer a couple of commonly asked questions about Revolution:

Is Revolution aChristian organisation?

Yes, but that doesn’t meanthey’re outtoimposetheir beliefs on anyone.

Do you haveto be a Christianto attend?

No way. In fact it doesn’t matteri f you’re Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or have no faith whatsoever. Revolution welcomes everyone with open arms.

As youth leader Lynley Horlock explains, it’s about having a completely inclusive approach regardless of race, religion or creed.

‘‘We consider ourselvesto be a community youth group first and foremost and we’re not exclusive in any way shape or form,’’ she said.

‘‘We pride ourselves on the fact we’ve had more than 700 kids come through our doors over the years, so we’ve had contact with pretty much most young people in Manjimup and we’ve been consistent throughout.

‘‘That’s important, particularly for children who perhaps don’t have the best of home lives. They know we are somewhere reliable they can come to and get away from the pressures of home life.’’

Before you assume Revolution is some kind of drop in centre for kids to just kick back and relax, it’s not. Sure, fun is big focus, but that doesn’t mean kids gett o put their feet up and take it easy.

The group runs an intensive program of activities designed to get children motivated in a stimulating environment where they can develop key skills like teamwork.

Thi sis achieved through anything from the youth group band, cooking competitions, sumo wrestling games, trips to interesting places, camps, soccer matches, the list goes on and on.

Ben Percival has been a youth leader for two years.

Like Lynley, he was a Revolution member for a long time and said the feeling of inclusiveness was never compromised.

‘‘We try to tailor our activities to suit all the kids,’’ he said.

‘‘If some are good at sports but other prefer playing video games then we’ll spend time doing both.

‘‘It’s about getting kids off the street and into a safe environment where they can have fun and just be themselves.

‘‘I enjoy being a leader because I see kids come in from places where they’re not so happy and they have fun here. It’s very satisfying.’’

Revolution has been fortunate to receive a $5000 grant fromManjimup Shire Council forthe past few years to pay for its operating costs.

The group is also luckyto receive financial help from several businesses in town, without which it would struggle to keep going.

It has five youth leaders who look after about 32 children, with the $3 contribution per child per session going towards covering costs.

Lynley said she was grateful for all the help the organisation received and hoped it would continue for a long time.

She also hoped more youngsters would join Revolution in the future by keeping an open mind and seeing if it suited them.

‘‘Young people are the future of Manjimup and the wider world and I love being able to have a positive input into their lives,’’ she said.

‘‘Sometimes it’s just a matter of having someone to talk to.

‘‘If you have any doubt, come along with a friend so it’s less scary.’’

Revolution Youth Group meets at Warren Community Church every Friday from 7.30pmto 10pm.

Children in Years 7-12 are welcome and the cost is $3.

For moreinformation call Lynley Horlock on 0405 932 876.

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