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Big spud a sweet thrill at school
Big spud a sweet thrill at school

It certainly wasn’t a case of ‘‘What, no potato?’’ at Bunbury Primary School last week when a couple of Year 7 students dug up a sweet potato of epic proportions.

The super-sized spud, measuring an enormous 5.4kg and 52cm in length, shocked students David Hastie and Bronte Briginshow, who had never seen anything like it.

‘‘I only thought it was going to be small because we only saw the top of it,’’ Bronte said.

‘‘But we kept on digging and it kept getting bigger and bigger.

‘‘We were digging for about 20 minutes before we got it all out of the ground.’’

David, 12, said he couldn’t believe how heavy it was when he picked it up.

‘‘Every time we kept digging deeper we thought it had to stop soon,’’ he said.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s heaviest sweet potato was grown in Spain by Manuel Pe´ rez Pe´ rez and weighed in at 37kg.

Deputy principal Franca Dillon said it had to be seen to be believed and was a credit to the school’s compost and recycling practices.

Gardener Dale Chapman shared his secret for growing the large vegetable.

‘‘It was all natural,’’ Mr Chapman said.

‘‘We used mainly compost in the soil, which was a mixture of lawn clippings and leaves and things like that.’’

Mr Chapman said the sweet potato had only taken just under a year to grow.

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