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Brothers show hearts of gold
Brothers show hearts of gold

A conversation about those less fortunate than him has inspired a six-year-old Baldivis boy to collect food and toys for people in need.

When Robert Lotter was told recently by his mother Nelly to eat his dinner because there were people in the world going hungry, the youngster thought long and hard about what he could do to help others.

An idea to donate his dinner to the poor spiralled into a plan to collect as much food, toys and clothes to give to people less fortunate than himself.

Robert enlisted the help of his older brother Terence to write a flyer asking for donations, which they distributed to houses in their neighbourhood.

‘‘We were in Perth and saw homeless people who were sleeping on the streets,’’ the boys said.

‘‘We were thinking it was so sad because they don’t have the same as us so we thought about it and decided to do the charity drive.’’

Within two days the children received two big boxes of clothes and towels and another of toys.

To donate contact Nelly Lotter on 0439 912 825.

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