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Rockingham ratepayers slugged by 9.9pc rise
Rockingham ratepayers slugged by 9.9pc rise

Rockingham households will pay a 9.9 per cent more in annual rates after City of Rockingham councillors unanimously adopted the 2012-2013 budget at last week’s full council meeting.

The council’s projected total income is expected to be $121.7 million. Forty-three per cent, or $52.3 million, will be come from rates. A report by the corporate and engineering services committee has forecast rate rises to continue in the foreseeable future to ensure the council’s financial security.

‘‘While the finances within the City of Rockingham are not dire, unless continued action is taken to address the situation, major problems are likely to be encountered within the medium term,’’ the report said.

‘‘The City has supported this view and has adopted rate increases with attempts to correct historical financial matters.

The approach taken will take at least eight years to ensure security.’’

A due-date payment incentive scheme will operate again, with prizes totalling about $7000.

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