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Dog attacks devastate farmers
Dog attacks devastate farmers

Two Manjimup hobby farmers have been left devastated after their sheep were attacked by a vicious dog at their Graphite Road properties.

Paul Wood and Nikki Trawinski lost a total of nine sheep in the wake of the attack last Wednesday morning. They are calling for the dog responsible to be put down and restitution for their lost stock.

Ms Trawinski said she saw a medium-sized, tan-coloured dog mauling one of her sheep in her garden at about 7am last Wednesday.

‘‘We had to put all of our six sheep down because of their injuries and it makes me angry because these were family pets much loved by my children,’’ Ms Trawinski said.

The dog responsible should suffer the same fate as her sheep and be put down because it was only a matter of time before it would attack again, Ms Trawinski added.

Manjimup Shire Council confirmed it was investigating the matter and a dog had been impounded following initial inquiries. Under the 1976 Dog Act, the courts can order a dog to be put down and impose a penalty of up to $10,000 on the owne r in such instances.

Council ranger Todd Ridley said rangers had investigated 13 dog attacks on livestock in the past year.

‘‘All dogs have the potential to be involved in a dog attack,’’ Mr Ridley said.

‘‘Dog owners need at all times to have the means to confine their dogs to the property or on leads when exercising.’’

Paul Wood had two sheep killed in the dog attack last Wednesday and had to put down one other due to injuries.

He said he rang the ranger immediately after discovering the dead sheep in his garden.

‘‘I understand dogs sometimes get out but the point is that hunting dogs should be muzzled and locked up by the owners,’’ Mr Wood said.

‘‘The same thing happened to me five or six years ago and I lost eight sheep. I want the dog to be put down and my stock replenished.’’

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