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Elliot wins Coastal seat
Elliot wins Coastal seat

Rockingham's Coastal Ward has been won by Chris Elliot after a battle between two candidates, outgoing deputy mayor Brian Warner and former mayor Chris Elliot.

Picture: Returned Safety Bay ward councillor Leigh Lilley, seated, with newly elected Crs Ron Pease, Chris Elliot and Allan Hill.

The defeated Cr Warner was a councillor for the ward from 1990-1995 before retiring due to work commitments.

He stood again in 2003, beating two other candidates, and was elected again at the 2007 election.

Cr Warner’s opponent, Mr Elliott, of Singleton, had retired from the Coastal Ward and the council in 2003, but announced earlier this year he was to run again after ‘‘being disgusted to learn’’ that a housing development would go ahead in Singleton.

The pair had fought what Cr Warner described as a ‘‘bitter’’ battle for the council spot.

Mr Elliot said he was delighted with the result.

‘‘The strong vote of confidence I received from the public was wonderful and I am now looking forward to being the most effective representative for the community that I can be,’’ he said.

With only 29 per cent of the vote, Cr Warner said he was disappointed with the outcome of the election.

‘‘There were many acrimonious statements thrown around leading up the elections regarding the Golden Bay developments,’’ he said.

‘‘I had the support of Singleton and Golden Bay residents, but Secret Harbour let me down.’’

The Rockingham ward had two vacancies, filled by Allan Hill and Joy Stewart.

Four candidates had nominated — former deputy mayor Mr Hill, Cr Stewart, Michael Reilly and Rosalie Cameron.

There were two vacancies in the Safety Bay ward, with Cr Leigh Liley, Cr Les Dodds and Ron Pease standing.

Cr Dodds lost his position as councillor as Cr Liley and Mr Pease collectively received over 77 per cent of votes.

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