Workers’ village eases housing crisis
Workers’ village eases housing crisis

A new workers’ village officially unveiled last week will focus on providing accommodation for non-resource workers in fields like building and construction.

The 208-room facility, developed near Gap Ridge by Eastern States company The Mac, is aimed to ease pressure on existing facilities and hotels and potentially could expand to more than 1200 rooms.

The Mac managing director Peter McCann said most of the units were 16sqm with some 24sqm models. “It is a large project for The Mac and importantly it is our first village in the Pilbara,” he said.

“The initial 208 rooms were built on spec because we were comfortable that there is plenty of demand in the region but as we go forward we will build stages to contractual demand.”

Minister for Regional Development Brendon Grylls said in determining approval for the project the State Government was keen to not just build another camp for the resource sector.

Mr Grylls said they had the capacity to do that themselves and that 30 per cent of this village was required to be for non-resource workers.

“Smaller companies and businesses, they can’t base a project around building their own camp, so this is an important project for them,” he said.

“I think they have done a good job in making what is essentially a workers’ camp come up quite neat with some landscaping and trees.

“For many people their first taste of the Pilbara will be here in a construction job.

“Hopefully this can leave a good impression and the community can leave a good impression and they decide to bring the family up and call the place home, maybe living in the place which they built.”

Shire of Roebourne president Fiona White-Hartig said it was no secret the accommodation shortage in the area was at a critical level and this project would help.

“Although we are aiming to create a place that people are proud to call home, we appreciate the journey to achieving this is far from over,” she said.

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