Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a ... gully monster?

The Pilbara News put on its investigative thongs to dig into the tales of mystery and intrigue in the region.

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    Digital editions

    Read the North West Telegraph and Pilbara News online.

  2. Litter of 16 for superdog

    Superdog takes care of 16-strong brood, including kitten

    Wonder-mum Tess is looking after 15 puppies and a kitten after being rescued by SAFE Hedland.

  3. Probity report made public

    Shire makes probity report public

    Tendering and lack of gifts register come under scrutiny.

  4. Permit key for bottle shop

    Licence key for boutique bottle shop

    The dream of a new boutique bottle shop in Kununurra hinges on whether applicants can secure a permit.

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