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Anzac group disbanded
New RSL State president Graham Edwards has disbanded the Albany Centenary of Anzac Alliance.

The alliance responsible for the planned $9 million Anzac Interpretive Centre on Mt Adelaide has been disbanded.

Newly elected RSL state president Graham Edwards announced this morning the Albany Centenary of Anzac Alliance was no more and would be replaced with a new body called the Anzac Interpretive Centre Implementation Group.

The new group will be chaired by Richard Muirhead, who was the State director of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2011.

The RSL will be represented by Mr Edwards, RSL state secretary Phil Orchard and Albany RSL sub-branch president Peter Aspinall.

The City of Albany will also be part of the group along with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Building Management and Works and the WA Museum.

Mr Edwards said all the stakeholders had a “vital, compelling and common” interest in seeing the project delivered in time for the departure of the convoys re-enactment in November 2014.

Full story in next Thursday’s Albany Advertiser.

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