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Orchid colony a photographer s delight
Orchid colony a photographer's delight

Native orchid season is coming to a close in the Great Southern, but people can still get a glimpse of some of these magnificent flowers.

Mondurup Reserve in Mt Barker is home to one of the richest collections of native orchids in the State, with 41 species identified in an area about four times the size of a football field.

The latest discovery was just last week, when flower enthusiast Kevin Collins from the Banksia Farm found a mantis orchid not previously known at the site.

Mr Collins and his wife Kathy lead the Friends of Mondurup Reserve bushcare group and have been working to tag the orchids so other enthusiasts can find and enjoy them too.

“We identified a very rich orchid location and we name the species as they come into flower,” he said.

“Orchid enthusiasts from all over the State visit the site annually and it is popular with photographers.”

Mr Collins said it was unusual to find so many native orchid species in one area.

“The author of one of the comprehensive South West orchid guides who recently visited the site was amazed, saying some interesting hybrids exist there, and possibly a new species of bird orchid,” he said.

Butterfly spider, purple pansy, cowslip, leopard, blue sun and rattle beak orchids are still flowering.

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