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Poisoned dogs raise vets alarms
City of Albany senior ranger Rob Forster, ranger Deb Walker and Mira Mar Veterinary Hospital’s Jim Darmody. Picture: Laurie Benson

Albany veterinarians are concerned several dogs in the Albany’s central business district CBD area may have been deliberately poisoned with a fast-acting and fatal toxin.

Mira Mar Veterinary Hospital vet Dave Warren said six dogs had been brought presented to his clinic and other Albany vets in the past month either dead, or close to death with severe symptoms.

Dr Warren said he and the other vets had observed similar signs and had concluded come to the conclusion a lethal poison such as 1080 or strychnine had been involved.

“We don’t know exactly what the toxin is but we know it is very, very potent,” he said.

“It can be half an hour between the onset of the symptoms and the animals passing away.

“It’s not a pleasant toxin, it’s not a pleasant way for the animal to die by any stretch of the imagination and it’s very distressing for the owners.”

Dr Warren said the poisoned dogs had all been in the general Albany’s CBD, area, between Mt Clarence and Mt Melville. He advised dog owners to be “hyper-vigilant” and to immediately bring them to a vet if they saw see them ingest anything at all suspicious.

“If they start showing signs of seizure, of being particularly excited, running aimlessly, barking, howling – all of these are the signs that we’re seeing which are rapidly followed by coma and death,” he said.

“You need to get your dog into the vet as soon as possible.”

“There is no antidote for 1080 and the prognosis is very poor.”

Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington said the City and its rangers would work with police to investigate the alleged poisonings.

Mr Wellington said it was believed baits may have been deliberately dropped into the yards of properties of dog owners.

Residents are advised to call police with any information.

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