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A number of organisations are calling for improvements to the justice system, claiming WA has “appalling statistics” relating to youth detention.

Recently compiled data indicates the current system is failing to assist young offenders in rehabilitation properly and suffers from a lack of resources, particularly in regional areas.

The data also shows more than $500 a day could be saved by supervising a young person in the community as opposed to holding them in detention.

Amid a flurry of recent announcements from political parties promising a tougher approach on crime, a report has challenged political parties to develop more effective strategies to prevent crime and reoffending.

The report, Building A More Effective Youth Justice System, contains 26 recommendations targeting Government and non-government services that can deliver effective community action.

Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia chief executive Craig Comrie wants political parties to change their approach to youth justice to be smarter, reduce recidivism and be more cost effective.

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