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Forty-five high-risk drinkers will be banned from visiting a Laverton pub under a new liquor accord being trialled by police.

Laverton Police officer-in-charge John Lehane said 45 people deemed “high risk” would be served with letters under section 115 of the Liquor Control Act prohibiting them from entering the Desert Inn Ho- tel.

Senior Sergeant Lehane said officers had analysed data from the past two years to identify people with five or more alcohol-related offen- ces.

He said people on the list would be banned from entering the pub in a bid to reduce alcohol-related harm in the Northern Goldfields town.

Sen Sgt Lehane said it was hoped the bans, part of a voluntary accord being trialled in Laverton, would help reduce anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse, without the need for across-the-board liquor restrictions.