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Daffodils order of the day at Boulder
Daffodils order of the day at Boulder

It was a bright and cheerful day at Boulder Primary School on Daffodil Day.

The school canteen went all out last Friday for the occasion, with manager Kate Blond dressing up as a daffodil. Mrs Blond said she always wanted to recognise Daffodil Day.

“We are an accredited canteen and we hold a promotion each term. This term I decided to do Daffodil Day,” Mrs Blond said. “I chose Daffodil Day because nearly everybody has had someone in some way touched by cancer.

“We decided to recognise or celebrate it. Some see it as a celebration, others a time of sadness.”

Mrs Blond dressed up as a human daffodil and handed out edible daffodils which were yellow paper petals with an egg cup lined in foil filled with a choice of three fillings – corn relish dip, French onion or cream cheese.

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