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Vulnerable: Tenents of a Homeswest block are fearing for their safety after a number of break-ins recently.
Vulnerable: Tenents of a Homeswest block are fearing for their safety after a number of break-ins recently.

Seven break-ins over two months at a new Homeswest complex in Beachlands has residents accusing the housing body of inaction.

Thieves have entered several units while tenants are sleeping, cutting the wire on a screen door and unlocking the doors by hand.

In the latest burglary, thieves cut through a security screen and unlocked a rear door, stealing two laptops, a wallet and a mobile phone, while the tenant and a guest slept in the next room.

Another tenant was asleep in an armchair when thieves unlocked his front door and, in a brazen act, walked in and stole several items.

The Guardian spoke with residents living in the units after the latest break in.

Tenants said they felt unsettled and were angered by Homeswest’s inaction on installing plastic security shields around the lock mechanism, which they believe would stop unwanted
guests from entering.

“We are just getting sick-and- tired of it,” one resident said as he held back tears, recounting the experience.

“These are meant to be secure units but there is no security here whatsoever.

“I’m worried that one day somebody here, that is old, is going to walk out while they (thieves) are actually doing something like this and it could get violent.”

Another resident said the plastic guards can be purchased at Bunnings for less than a dollar, but Homeswest have told residents the guards cost around $36 each.

“There are three doors in each unit that need to have them installed and we have been on their (Homeswest) back about it this whole time” the resident said.

“They have a duty of care to the people who rent these units.”

Homeswest were contacted for comment but did not return calls by the time The Guardian went to print.


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