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Never mind the stadium. Forget Elizabeth Quay. Here’s the real reason the State Budget is in a mess. It’s because the Barnett Government spends more money to deliver services to West Australians …

Last week the ABC reported that a five-year-old boy asylum seeker had been raped on Nauru and was now in danger of being returned there – within reach of the perpetrator – after medical treatment …

Africa may have buried the final corpses from the Ebola outbreak but another continent is already mourning the unborn victims of the next global disease epidemic.

OPINION: PAUL MURRAY - The continuing silence in the mainstream Australian media about mounting evidence pointing to the overprescription of cholesterol-lowering statins medications is quite …

Mike Baird, who along with Jay Weatherill is the best performing of the State leaders, has something in common with Malcolm Turnbull: they like to appeal to people’s better angels.

The final parliamentary year before the next State election begins on Tuesday week and the Barnett Government is unlikely to be on the front foot.

Dean Nalder might be right in his belief that MAX is a flawed project and that he’s uncovered a better “solution” by tunnelling to Morley and beyond.

Hours out from the public opening of Elizabeth Quay, Premier Colin Barnett urges West Australians to get down to the foreshore and judge it for themselves.

 How did Treasury and the Barnett Government get it so wrong? “It” being its forecast for the future of the iron ore price.

It is one of the most unfortunate realities of public life that trying to do the right thing can be much more difficult than allowing an injustice to continue. Such is the case with Disability …

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