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Sometimes it can be hard for people to let go of their deceased loved ones, but one woman is finding it harder than others.

The woman, 26-year-old Casie, is addicted to eating her husband's ashes, and she regularly dips her finger into the urn where her husband's remains reside and takes a lick.

Her husband died of a sudden asthma attack just two months before her strange addiction was revealed by reality TV show My Strange Addiction, the Daily Mail reported.

The first time Casie had a taste of the ashes was when she was transferring them from a cardboard box to her husband's memorial urn.

"Some of it spilled out on my hands. I didn't want to just wipe him away, so I just licked it off my fingers," she told My Strange Addiction

"And here I am today, almost two months later and I can't stop."

Casie had married her husband in 2009, calling him "all she ever wanted in a man".

She takes the ashes with her everywhere she goes, such as to the cinemas, shops and out to restaurants.

"I take my husband everywhere. To the grocery store, out shopping...When I go grocery shopping, I buy the things that he likes."

She still cooks dinner for him, and does her domestic chores the way he liked them.

"When I cook, I cook what he likes. I don't eat it, but I cook it for him," she said.

Casie has been going to therapy to help deal with her addiction, the show revealed.

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