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A six-second video called Anybody Afraid of Spiders? is not for the faint-hearted.

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Massive spider crawls out of girl's mouth


Posted on YouTube, it shows a fearless US woman opening her mouth to reveal a large huntsman spider.

While the footage starts innocently, Katrina Dewees smiles for the camera before tilting her head back and opening her mouth to let the arachnid crawl over her cheek.

With the spider resting with ease on her face, Ms Dewees then sticks her tongue to the side of her mouth before giving the camera a cheeky smile as the video ends.

With the video posted on August 28, it has quickly gone viral, amassing more than 854,000 views by Thursday afternoon.

It has also attracted more than 1100 comments from people, including Marilyn Gerber, who warned others to watch with caution.

"So don't clicky on this if you have a fear of spiders," she commented.

The Daily Mail reported that Ms Dewees is from Arizona.

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