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Happy ending for two-nosed dog
Happy ending for two-nosed dog

Snuffles, the Belgian shepherd who seems to have two noses, has finally found a home.

The 5-month-old pup had four different owners before he ended up at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Glasgow early this year, according to the Daily Record.

Dogs Trust officials say they feared the dog’s strange appearance was freaking people out.

“Instead of his nostrils being fused together he’s got some sort of split there," veterinarian Angela McAllister told the Record.

She said she had never seen anything like it before and it was caused by a rare birth defect.

Luckily for Snuffles his condition does not cause any health problems.

He can also move both sections of his nose independently, according to the Daily Mail.

Dogs Trust manager Sandra Lawton told the Record it would be a "shame" if a dog as great as Snuffles was passed over because of his looks.

She described Snuffles as having a "heart of gold" and said he "is an affectionate, energetic fun-loving boy who adores his carers".

The man who eventually adopted Snuffles took him for a walk first and said the pup was perfect.

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