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Love model plans? Love this!
Love model plans? Love this!

"I'm a crazy guy who loves aviation and is currently putting together a very detailed model 777 made entirely from paper!"

So says Luca Iaconi-Stewart and he is right it is a crazy project - but awesome!

If you love aircraft or respect effort this story is for you.

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To be accurate, Mr Iaconi-Stewart is building a 1: 60 scale replica of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER and according to website he may just be the world's greatest paper-airplane-maker.

"Seriously - this guy's work makes your crease-and-fold creations look like utter child's play," says's Robert Gonzalez.

According to a mini-profile published at Wired Design, Mr Iaconi-Stewart has been working on this 1:60-scale airplane for five years.

The entire meticulously crafted 777 is made of manila folders.

But not only is Mr Iaconi-Stewart building the 777 he also designed the plans on Adobe Illustrator. And those plans include seats, lavatories, overhead luggage bins, galleys, landing gear and working cargo doors.

And this model is seriously time consuming. One first class seat takes an incredible eight hours to build!

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