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Villians, superheroes join wedding party
Villians, superheroes join wedding party

A video game developer has used villains and superheroes to add flair to his wedding nuptials in Florida wedding this week.

According to a report in London's Daily Mail, Adam Bohn and his wife Michelle Cheng planned the wedding with appearances from characters such as knights in shining armour, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman and wrestling star Jimmy Hart.

A video of the unusual ceremony postedon YouTube has gone viral.

The guests, who had no idea of what was planned, clapped and cheered throughout the performance.

The NY Daily News reports that the video camera operator didn't even know what was about to happen.

"The videographer scrambled and got three extra cameras when tipped off by a man in an Iron Man suit about what was going to happen," the groom said.

Iron Man made a surprise appearance at the wedding. Photo: YouTube.

The surprise was evident when the celebrant asked if anyone objected to the unity.

The Daily Mail reports that a knight drew his sword and demanded that Mr Bohn battle him to keep his love.

After the groom beat the meddlesome knight, two men in suits stormed in with a group of ninjas doing back-flips.

It was a bridesmaid who won this small battle, after one threw a ninja down and another bridesmaid took a suitcase and smashed it over the ninja's leader's head. Another bridesmaid pushed a ninja with nunchucks to the ground, the Mail said.

Iron Man then joined the throng and asked the groom to join him in future battles.

According to the report, Batman then rushed in and pushed Iron Man aside, telling Mr Bohn that he should instead join him in Gotham City. Photo: YouTube.

The groom refused their offers and said that he must marry his true love.

As the newlyweds were about to kiss, the finale involved the hotel manager storming in and demanding everyone leave. He threatened anyone who didn't comply but he and his bellhops were easily overcome.

The couple lived happily ever after.