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British couple find dead bird in their Tesco salad
British couple find dead bird in their Tesco salad

British consumers stunned by the horsemeat substitution scandal have been rocked by reports that a dead bird was found in a bag of pre-prepared salad from supermarket giant Tesco.

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper reports that James and Jasmine Watson made the discovery after buying the bag of Babyleaf Rocket Salad online along with other groceries.

Tesco identified the bird as a Blackcap European warbler.

The couple went to their their local Tesco to complain.

A manager visited their home to remove the bird, the supermarket apologised and offered a £200 gift card, the Daily Mail reported.

Mr Watson told the newspaper: "My wife was cooking some scallops and steak and I prepared the salad. I opened the bag, tipped it into a salad bowl and cut up some other salad bits and put them on top.

"Then I served the salad on some plates. We sat down at the breakfast bar and only had a few low lights on so we were effectively eating by candlelight.

"I took three mouthfuls and then saw it. My first reaction was why have I got a soggy fishcake on my plate? But this was a full-size dead bird."

A Tesco spokesman said: "We were concerned to learn of this issue and have investigated thoroughly with our supplier."

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